Queen Elizabeth
& her mother being taught to do the Heil Hitler salute by her uncle who was friends with Hitler.

Queen Elizabeth married the Duke of Edinburgh - all three of his sisters married senior NAZI Officers.  The Third Reich was financed by a British Prince.

Did You Know?

The Duke of Edinburgh’s family control the throne of Denmark, and that a Danish aristocrat, who was an expert in hypnotism, brought Hitler under his spell, and trained Hitler in hypnotic speech techniques?  The aristocrat was also teaching Hitler telepathy - and was related to the Moravian Jewish diaspora - even though Hitler was meant to be hostile towards Judaism - he requested the training!

Did You Know?

That the blonde haired and blue eyed Master Race was NOT a ‘master race’ but was being bred specifically to be SACRIFICED - after all, how could Hitler be leading this new master race when he himself had dark eyes and black hair?

Did You Know?

That the Crown Estates gave planning permission for a statue of a demon featured in the EXORCIST movie to be placed in the MALL, just a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace?


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